Meet our founder

Dr. Erica Megan Page began wearing pixie hairstyles in 2008 as a high school senior. Inspired by Rihanna, these sassy styles helped her gain confidence and express herself. Throughout college she continued to don short styles but they were often difficult to maintain and salon visits were taxing her limited budget.

So, after graduating in 2020 with a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she worked with a group of hairstylists to create a maintenance guide. Then she sourced all of the necessary materials and assembled a line of products to help pixie-enthusiasts maintain their styles between salon visits.

As a scientist, she wanted to test the products to ensure they work. She stopped going to her hairstylist for 6 months and only used Pixie Care Co. products to style her hair (she continued to get relaxers and had friends trim her hair). Watch the video to see how it went!