All your short hair styling essentials in one kit

Maintain your short hairstyles at home between salon visits

Tired of frequent and costly salon visits?

Stretch hair appointments and save time and money with our PREMIUM SHORT HAIRSTYLE MAINTENANCE KIT. For less than the price of a salon appointment, you get everything you need to style your short hair at home between salon visits.

This exclusive kit includes all of the essential tools for short hair care plus a FREE 3-Step Short Hairstyle Maintenance Guide that shows you step-by-step how to use the products...AND IT SHIPS FREE!

We offer 2 maintenance kits to meet your specific needs;

1. The 7 piece BASIC kit is for women who simply need travel-sized short hair care products.

2. The 14 piece PREMIUM kit (pictured) is designed for women who don't know how to style their hair or who don't have everything they need.



Who are we

Pixie Care Company is a short hairstyle lifestyle brand that helps women stretch salon visits to save money and time by sharing at-home styling, care and maintenance tips and resources.

Why invest in at-home hairstyle maintenance?

Let's do the math…

If your regular salon visit costs $100 and you book every week because you don’t know how to maintain your hair at home, then you spend about $4,800 a year on styling your hair.

That’s crazy!

Use our kits to start maintaining your hair at home so you can spend your money on something else!

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Basic Short Hairstyle Maintenance Kit

Basic Short Hairstyle Maintenance Kit

$59.40 $70

This kit contains all your hairstyle maintenance essentials tucked neatly into a high-quality, travel case that’s ready to grab and go. This 7-piece kit is designed to help experienced pixie-wearers maintain their short hairstyle between salon visits.

What's included: 

  • 10 Pin Curl Clips 
  • 3 Styling Combs 
  • 1 Satin Bonnet (black) 
  • 1 Mini Flat Iron
  • Argan Oil Foaming Wrapping Lotion 
  • 1 Steam-Resistant Shower Cap (black) 
  • Travel Case 




    Premium Short Hairstyle Maintenance Kit (US ONLY ORDERS)

    Premium Short Hairstyle Maintenance Kit (US ONLY ORDERS)

    $79.40 $150

    This kit will help you REDUCE or ELIMINATE your hair bill by enabling you to stretch hair appointments and style your hair between salon visits. 

    We spent 6 months and $1,000's testing products from 85 vendors to create this time-saving kit. It literally has EVERYTHING you need to create and maintain short hairstyles between salon visits. 

    Our Premium Maintenance Kit will allow you to simplify your daily hairstyling routine and save money on salon visits by making your hairstyles last longer!

    This kit is designed for women who are NEW to short hair or who don't know how to style their own hair. We provide EVERYTHING you need including tools and tips.

    What's included: 

    • 10 Pin Curl Clips ($2 value)
    • 3 Styling Combs ($5 value)
    • 1 Satin Bonnet (black) ($6 value)
    • Argan Oil Foaming Wrapping Lotion ($9 value)
    • 1 Steam-Resistant Shower Cap (black) ($23 value)
    • Memory Foam Pixie Pillow ($50 value)
    • Handsewn Satin Pillowcase (black) ($31 value)
    • Mini Flat Irons ($20 value)
    • 3-Step Guide and Video Tutorial
    • Travel Case ($10 value)

    Over $150 value for only $79.40


    Friendly reminder! Because the Pixie Pillow is made of memory foam, it will need time to adjust to your shape. You can help break it in by adding body heat or tossing it in the dryer. But, the more you use it the more comfortable it will become. Check the video below to see how to remove the pillowcase.